About Us

In September of 2022, the podcast was rebranded to Big Gay Energy! The podcast now focuses on all LGBTQ+ media with the hopes of increasing awareness and engagement. Even though representation in the media is getting better, there is still a lot of work to do.



Theora a.k.a. Dr. T is the glue that holds this insane trio together. With seemingly never-ending patience, she gets everyone back on track. Her specialty is providing in-depth analysis of queer media that even researchers would envy. She’s our resident genius with all the best one-liners and satirical commentary.
Twitter- @type324b21

Kaitlynn functions as the executive producer and video editor extraordinaire, but really, she is the heart and soul of the BGE team. Her passionate belief that media can change the world is contagious! Her valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of media production is invaluable. She is also quite the sleuth. Kaitlynn will find things out about you with her impeccable research skills that you’ve forgotten yourself! But that kind of dedication is born from Kaitlynn’s genuine interest in getting to know others on a soul level.
Instagram- @kaitlynnstein