Give A Big Gay Energy Welcome to Cole!

Give A Big Gay Energy Welcome to Cole!

In the year 2023 of our Lord and Savior Lesbian Jesus, the Big Gay Energy Podcast family grew! Get to know more about the latest edition to the BGE team Cole!

A little about Cole

I currently live in Texas but I’m from New Jersey. Outside of talking about and ravenously consuming queer media, I love animals and I am a dog trainer! I also compete my Heeler mix named Poseidon in a dog sport called Rally!


Why did you join team BGE? 

Wanted to discuss queer media with others who like discussing queer media! And yell about it to whoever will listen.


Why does LGBTQ+ representation in media matter to you?

I wish I saw people or characters like myself on screen more than I did growing up. So my hope is that with this representation people don’t feel so lonely


What was the first piece of queer media you consumed? 

Probably Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I was in 6th grade


What is the latest piece of queer media you consumed that you really enjoyed and what did you enjoy about it?

Mean Girls the movie the musical the movie (2024). The music!!! And the hot queer characters!


Tell us about your LGBTQ ships: 

Top 3 favorite ships (cannon or non-cannon)

Buffy and Faith, Shane and Carmen, Scylla and Raelle, Eve and Villanelle 

Who is your current ship?

Helm and Yasuda!

What qualities in a ship to do like/ dislike?

Likes: honestly I like people I find attractive with good chemistry (between actors/characters) being together. Dislikes: Nothing? I’m here for the queer!


Which LGTBQ+ TV show cancelation hurt the most and why? 

Wynonna Earp, The Wilds, League of Their Own, One Day at a Time


What pieces of queer media would you like to cover on BGE podcast?

Grey’s anatomy! Sex lives of college girls! Doctor who! Yellowjackets!!!! Also The last of us! Honestly I’ll watch and/or read anything and discuss it!


Check out Cole’s featured BGE Episodes:

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How to connect with Cole:

Instagram @xlevicorpusx7


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