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Welcome to the Big Gay Energy Podcast Blog. If you made your way here, congrats! You’re in for a pretty wild time. All you need to do is watch some of our episodes to see how delightfully chaotic it can get on this podcast. We embrace it and we hope that you will too when you become a subscriber. (Unless you already are and in that case yippie!) 

Let’s talk about why we started this podcast. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…. No wait. That’s Star Wars. Ah, okay, way back in 2021 I was toying with the idea of doing a podcast. I’d already attempted a book related podcast but it fell through after only one episode and was doomed to go the way of the trash heap from the start. 

However, this time it would be different. I had something I was passionate about to an obsession level to talk about. That thing was a show called Motherland: Fort Salem. Now, I knew there were other like-minded obsessives out there as I’d spent some time dabbling in the fandom and writing some fanfic. What I didn’t know is that one tumblr post, (yes, tumblr! I swear people still use that), later I’d find someone that would become one of my best friends in the whole universe. 

That person was Theora aka Dr. T, the one person who answered my post about being interested in starting a Motherland podcast. Turns out, she was also a fanfic writer and also in the medical field. I deal with the blood and guts and she deals with the infectious diseases, so we had yet another area to connect in. 

We had a call to do a chemistry read to see if we could even feasibly talk to one another for an hour straight. What we found was that we’d have the opposite issue. We couldn’t stop talking about things, whether it be representation, Motherland, or any other queer shit we came up with. Thus, Big Witch Energy was born and we put out our first episode on (find date and link) where we broke down the very first episode of Motherland in minute detail, bringing in research on history, color theory, and a general queer screaming over that scene in episode one. If you’ve seen the show you know the scene, if not… dear god what have you been doing with your life. GO… go right now and watch it. It’s so damn tasty. 

Anyway, we continued on this path until a fateful meeting happened, one that would change the course of the podcast forever. My obsession with Motherland reached a peak around spring of 2022 and as a result I ended up involved with a convention that would bring some of the cast together to meet fans and hang out in a somewhat different format than normal conventions. 

The road to this was a long ass story that I won’t bore you with. However, the important take away from this was that I met Kaitlynn, who worked for the main convention company that ours was joining with. I knew from the start that we would be friends.

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