Give a Big Gay Energy Welcome to Zoey!

Give a Big Gay Energy Welcome to Zoey!

In the year 2023 of our Lord and Savior Lesbian Jesus, the Big Gay Energy Podcast family grew! Get to know more about the latest edition to the BGE team Zoey!


A little about Zoey:

Hey! I'm Zoey I'm a 22 y/o nonbinary (she/they) and pansexual voice actor who happens to also have a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology! 


Why did you join team BGE? 

As someone who's queer it was insanely nice seeing a podcast catered specifically to a community I'm in! 


Why does LGBTQ+ representation in media matter to you?

LGBTQ+ representation matters to me because it's important that everyone's voice and story is heard. 


What was the first piece of queer media you consumed? 

Personally I count it due to one scene in the show but Supernatural (if you know you know ;) ) was probably my first ever introduction to Queer Media (that I can recall anyways!)


What is the latest piece of queer media you consumed that you really enjoyed and what did you enjoy about it?

Oh my god, Our Flag Means Death. I love absolutely everything about the show from the writing, to the characters, to the character development and of course the title cards (always SO creative!!) 


Tell us about your LGBTQ ships: 

Top 3 favorite ships (cannon or non-cannon)

Lumity (Luz and Amity from the Owl House) Deadpool and Cable (I think it's such a hilarious ship) Dean and Castiel (will always have a soft spot in my heart

Who is your current ship?

Ed and Steed (Our Flag Means Death)

What qualities in a ship to do like/ dislike?

When people ship real life people i.e a celebrity with another celebrity instead of their character (totally different in my opinion)


Which LGTBQ+ TV show cancelation hurt the most and why? 

Ones that hit the hardest for me were Q-Force and Ratched both vastly different shows but were both really good in their own respective ways! 


What pieces of queer media would you like to cover on BGE podcast?

Q-Force would be a cute little watch


Check out Zoey's featured BGE Episodes:

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How to connect with Zoey:

Instagram: @Seasonal.Spells

Twitter: @SeasonalSpells

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