Give a Big Gay Energy Welcome to Alanya!

Give a Big Gay Energy Welcome to Alanya!

In the year 2023 of our Lord and Savior Lesbian Jesus, the Big Gay Energy Podcast family grew! Get to know more about the latest edition to the BGE team Alayna!

A little about Alayna

I'm an aspiring actor and writer. My current passion project is my screenplay 'Smaller than Small Talk', a queer romantic comedy/drama that pays homage to the joyful quality of Heartstopper, while tackling some of the freedom and struggles of life in one's twenties.


Why did you join team BGE? 

BGE is a safe space for any and all queer people to not only enjoy queer media, but to celebrate it! 


Why does LGBTQ+ representation in media matter to you?

Queer representation is important just like any representation is. It is a source of validation for those who are often marginalized. At the very least, it can serve as a starting point in making those who are overlooked or cast aside feel seen.


What was the first piece of queer media you consumed?

Glee (TV show)


What is the latest piece of queer media you consumed that you really enjoyed and what did you enjoy about it?

Heartstopper - It's just part of my personality at this point. I could go on for hours about why I love both the comics and the show.


Tell us about your LGBTQ ships: 

Top 3 favorite ships (cannon or non-cannon)

Narlie - Nick x Charlie, Heartstopper (obvs canon)

Who is your current ship?

Zelink - Link x Zelda, Legend of Zelda (not canon, but a lot of the fandom agrees they're queer-coded)

Victuuri - Victor x Yuri, Yuri on Ice (I think it's canon??)

Narlie, always

What qualities in a ship to do like/ dislike?

Genuine respect, understanding, and support is a must with any of my ships.


Which LGTBQ+ TV show cancelation hurt the most and why? 

Does 'Anne with an E' count? 


What pieces of queer media would you like to cover on BGE podcast?

I've never seen it, but everyone is telling me to watch 'What we do in the Shadows'


Check out Alanya’s featured BGE Episodes:

Heartstopper Volume 5 by Alice Oseman

Solitaire by Alice Oseman


How to connect with Alanya:

YouTube @star_crossing

Instagram @star_crossing

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